Who’s That Girl?

And so I’ll tell him like I told you… There’s a whole new me hiding under the old me. She just needed the motivation to make herself seen. And now she’s had a taste of this b*tch called life, I doubt she’ll ever give it up. So I hope you’re ready for me. She isn’t weak. She hustles, she grinds. So no one can take away what’s mine. So when you leave, she’s not left empty. She’s got her own style, her own mind and she refuses to let you take that away. Take her heart, she doesn’t need it. Cold and calculating. Waiting for the next opportunity. Tears of joy, never sadness. She’ll show you something you never imagined. A woman you cannot break, a b*tch hard as steel. Titanium. All the grief I have is her new strength. No one will ever get close enough to break her resolve. She’s got a hold of it all. And just when you think you’ve got her, that will be your downfall. She cannot be beaten. She cannot be owned. And even when she fails, she will never be lost. Dust off. Try again. That was just a small defeat in a war she will win. So bare your knuckles, bear your soul. None of it matters cuz you’ll never get her spirit. This is what you’ve unleashed. She is the only one you’ll ever see. What happened to me? One too many people thinking I was weak. So come at me. We are one in the same. You can beg and plead, but she shows no mercy, not anymore. And when you start to miss me, you’ll realize what you’ve done. You took a good girl and killed her. But I don’t blame you, I thank you. She needed to go. It was her time. And now it’s mine. She did it her way for way too long, and it didn’t work. So no more naive girl sh*t. I’m the b*tch you’re stuck with. Take a good look cuz I’m not going anywhere. I will fight for the right to be me without the put downs clouding my mind. You don’t like me? B*tch get in line. There’s a lot more where you came from. Thought you had me? Please. I was just using you to find the true essence of me. And here I am, in all my bad a** glory!


I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Hamburger Today

Money is obsolete. When paper weighed more than gold, we all knew it was only a matter of time before our usual currency was on its way out. Sure enough, now in 2020, we no longer relied on the silly paper that meant nothing, other than maybe selling your soul to the government. Coins too. Though they were not simple paper, they too lost their value during the monetary purge. So what now? Do we all just run around, stealing the things we need and sitting at our front doors with shot guns to avoid being stolen from? Heavens no! I’d like to think we were more civilized than that.

These days, food got me buy. Literally, buy. Food was my source of currency. I’d never thought my amazingly natural gift to cook would ever come in handy in such a way, but people wanted real food and I had just what they needed. A home cooked meal; hot and fresh or cold and crisp. It really depended on what they wanted, and what I needed. I remember wanting a flat screen once. And while major corporations like Best Buy were no longer around, the gentleman on the corner shop created fine products. Made to order, too. The banquet I’d had to give him, not to mention the meals I have to bring over twice a week for the next two months was so worth it.

It’s not like there’s cable around anymore. No one can afford that. Actors and actresses had to find real things to trade for, not just their beautifully made up faces plastered over my screen. No siree was I letting them off that easy. And clearly, all of us regular folk had the same idea. But, video games, you know the PS6 and the Xbox Pi just recently came out, before the purge. I wanted my game play to be exquisite.

It wasn’t hard making a living off of food. I pretty much ran a private chef business and whenever I needed anything, I fired up the stove and oven; wood of course, no one pays for gas anymore. However, electricity was something no one could afford to go without. Our world was already too integrated into the internet and cell phones and games that electricity was as important as money used to be. I was smart. I managed to finagle a solar powered generator thus avoiding the high price electricity everyone worked their butt off just to have. And who controlled the electricity? Who else? That doggone government that no one cared about anymore. That’s exactly why they got their grubby little fingers into the electricity biz in the first place. They were missing the attention.

Safe to say, I much prefer this simple lifestyle. Not sitting in some four by four cubicle having to answer to a boss who does no real work of his own because he delegates it to the rest of us and still makes more money than all of us combined. No, I much prefer wasting away at home, doing what I love when I need to. And it’s not costly either. Once I’d established myself as the head chef around here, I received rights to begin a small, accommodating farm, complete with fruits and veggies, cows and chickens, pigs and… well you get the point. I hired a couple of abandoned teenage boys, and by hired I technically mean adopted since they now live with me and eat with me in exchange for their work.

Yea, I’ve got it made. Much better than when that crappy, flimsy paper stuff was around. And if something were to happen to my thriving business, like people stopped eating, which I highly doubt, then I always did have a fondness for… writing.