Who’s That Girl?

And so I’ll tell him like I told you… There’s a whole new me hiding under the old me. She just needed the motivation to make herself seen. And now she’s had a taste of this b*tch called life, I doubt she’ll ever give it up. So I hope you’re ready for me. She isn’t weak. She hustles, she grinds. So no one can take away what’s mine. So when you leave, she’s not left empty. She’s got her own style, her own mind and she refuses to let you take that away. Take her heart, she doesn’t need it. Cold and calculating. Waiting for the next opportunity. Tears of joy, never sadness. She’ll show you something you never imagined. A woman you cannot break, a b*tch hard as steel. Titanium. All the grief I have is her new strength. No one will ever get close enough to break her resolve. She’s got a hold of it all. And just when you think you’ve got her, that will be your downfall. She cannot be beaten. She cannot be owned. And even when she fails, she will never be lost. Dust off. Try again. That was just a small defeat in a war she will win. So bare your knuckles, bear your soul. None of it matters cuz you’ll never get her spirit. This is what you’ve unleashed. She is the only one you’ll ever see. What happened to me? One too many people thinking I was weak. So come at me. We are one in the same. You can beg and plead, but she shows no mercy, not anymore. And when you start to miss me, you’ll realize what you’ve done. You took a good girl and killed her. But I don’t blame you, I thank you. She needed to go. It was her time. And now it’s mine. She did it her way for way too long, and it didn’t work. So no more naive girl sh*t. I’m the b*tch you’re stuck with. Take a good look cuz I’m not going anywhere. I will fight for the right to be me without the put downs clouding my mind. You don’t like me? B*tch get in line. There’s a lot more where you came from. Thought you had me? Please. I was just using you to find the true essence of me. And here I am, in all my bad a** glory!